I’m sitting here in this empty room trying to figure out what to write? What do people write to unborn babies ? Do people even write to unborn babies ? That doesn’t matter now, I’ve committed to the task and now I have to follow through. I hope I don’t bore you.

I’m so excited to meet you . I must admit that when news of your arrival came , me and your mother were shocked. We were nervous. Here’s why? I feel like I cant take care of myself properly and your mother is transitioning into a new part of her life; and yet here we are having the nerve to invite you into our chaos. But they say that the best things in life are usually unplanned and I wouldn’t change a thing about that lustful night in Berlin. You came about because of love and passion between two people and that’s all that matters.

There are so many emotions, thoughts and questions about you that flow through my mind everyday. Like; I can envision that on your day of arrival I’m not going to want to leave your side, there’ll be so many moments that I’ll miss that any time I have with you I’ll cherish.I only ask this of you, lease don’t wake me up at weird hours ? I know thats a bit of a bargain, but( I’m only kidding)… I wonder who and what you’re gonna look like ? Please have your moms cheeks ?
I also know that as a father my biggest job will be to protect you but not shelter you. To teach you right from wrong and to also let you explore the world on your own navigation system. There are some things in this life that you’ll have to experience on your own, only because experience is the best teacher . I’m not just talking about the fun experiences. There’s heartbreak, failure,, hardships and pain that also come with this life. All necessary things that are part of growing up but lets not dampen the spirit right now. You’re almost here and everybody is happy. Both sides of the family that is. By the way you have a very interesting family. Your mom is from the US and I’m from South Africa, you’ll see in years to come that they are two worlds apart but with this you’ll also learn that love has the power to overcome most if not everything.

I realize that I could talk to you all day about our story but that would be too much, besides I think my bedtime stories will make up for all of that . Now carry on giving your mother a hard time and draining up all her energy and we’ll see you whenever you decide to grace us with your presence.


A very nervous dad 🙂

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